quienes somos2My name is Jean-Philippe, I am French and have, with the help of my wife Sandra, built up (a little at a time), our guesthouse “La Casa de Felipe”.

My first trip to Colombia was in 1987 at a time when I wanted to explore and experience adventures all over South America like many other European travellers.

I was so taken with this country and particularly with the Caribbean coast that at the end of my trip I went back to France with the firm intention of coming back to Colombia one day to live permanently…

So, I came back to Colombia in 1994 after several years of work in France and it was in Taganga, a fisherman’s village at 15 minutes from Santa Marta that I finally settled to make a new life for myself.

There I built my house which has transformed itself, slowly but surely, into a guesthouse catering to tourists in search of exotic adventures and new experiences.

Sandra and I have been married for 16 years. She herself is from Santa Marta and we are both at your service, ready to welcome you and show you how best to make the most of your stay in this beautiful region…

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